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New Brains For Your Old Machine Tool Body
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2751 Werner Church Rd.
North Canton, Ohio 44721

John W. and John R. Klingaman
Phone - (330) 494-8338    Fax - (330) 494-8338

Our Company

    New-Tech is a machine tool rebuilder/retro-fitter of CNC mills, lathes and other automated manufacturing equipment.  Specializing in the sales and installation of new control and measurement systems, and the maintenance and repair of all types of machinery. 
    Our primary service to our customers is maintaining new and older control and measuring systems, or replacing them with new technology. Our company is located in N.E. Ohio and has been serving our customers since 1985.
    If you have a machine tool, and it's control system or measuring system is malfunctioning, and you want to save the machine tool body, we can re-build it and install the newest technology available today.

    New-Tech has been an authorized distributer of Anilam Electronics and Acu-Rite control and readout systems for over 25 years, and can provide you with sales, installation and service for all Anilam or Acu-Rite products. So contact us for all your sales and support needs.
    In addition we also provide sales and support for Newall, Milltronics, Heidenhain, Baldor, Gettys, Sumtak, Westamp, and many other products.

    We offer a number of parts and services for Anilam products such as: Replacement CRT Assemblies for older controls; Board Repair and replacement parts for all Anilam 1100, 1400, 3000 and 5000 Control Systems, Crusader II, Crusader M & G and others; Servo Motors; Drive Cards; Scales and Encoders; Keyboards and Keyboard Interface Cards and much more.
    Programming assistance for all Anilam controls is also available, as well as live phone and e-mail assistance with control interface or other technical set-up problems you may have.
    In addition, our company offers new equipment and tooling sales. We are a distributer of Fryer Machinery offering you a full line of CNC machining centers and lathes. Other new machine brands that we offer include Acer, Acra, and Lagun. Tooling such as endmill holders, collet sets, chucks, and retaining knobs from Universal Tooling, Kenametal, Precision Tooling and others are available from us.

    Soon we will offer a CNC Programming Service. You send us a blueprint, IGES or other file of your part, we send you tool path that will work on your control.

Company History

    The company began with it's owner/founder John W. Klingaman. Working at Diebold and then Bowdil Corperation as a machinist. Later moving to the sales of Trav-a-Dial Measuring Systems as a regional sales representative. Acquired a position with South Western Industries selling one of the first Digital Readout Systems available in the U.S. Then to become a sales representative and distributer for Anilam Electronics Corp.
    With this history he formed New-Tech. A company built to integrate new technology into old equipment. Helping the customer keep his old equipment running. 
    Because of the experience, the long list of shop owners and other contacts he had obtained in the industry, our popularity grew. We started out renting space in the back of a friend's shop and quickly grew into our own building, later buying the complex of 4 buildings located in Middlebranch, Ohio.    (more later)

Site Information

    The website is currently under construction. Please leave your Contact Information if you have any questions about our services or products. We will contact you by phone or E-mail until construction is complete. 
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